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High Performance

High Efficiency



Solution to efficient recovery of hard-to-separate materials such as those that have similar specific gravities or difficult-to-size materials

Classifying Cyclones

Sizes:  20", 14", 10", 6" and 3"

GPM: 80-250

Separation ranges: 48-400 or smaller

Apex Material: High Alumina or
Silicon Carbide

Heavy Media Cyclones

Sizes:  42" and 28"

GPM: 700-5800

Feed rates:  60 TPH up to 400 TPH

Apex Material: High Alumina

With its involuted feed section, the Deister Cyclone is capable of processing greater flow volumes without sacrificing separating efficiency.

Each of the Deister Cyclones is designed and manufactured with strict adherence to the DSM rules.

Download a brochure to learn more about specifc products.

Urethane Cyclones
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3" Model

  • Casings Made From High
    Durometer Urethane

  • Clamped Body and Apex Connections

  • Hardened Steel Vortex Finder

  • Inlet Connects to Std. 1.25” Pipe Flange

  • Multi-Cyclone Radial Manifolds Available

6" Model

  • Casings Made From Glass Mat
    Reinforced Urethane

  • Flange Bolted Body Connections

  • Nihard Over Flow Or Orifice

  • Inlet Connects To Std. 3' Pipe -
    No Adapter Required

High Alumina Underflow Orifice

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