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Flotaire Laboratory Column Flotation Cell

An ideal tool for evaluating the flotation characteristics of various coal and mineral feeds.

Deister Lab Flotaire photo.jpg
Constriction Plate Classifier

Model SV - 2 tons per hour, per cell
Model LV - 6 tons per hour, per cell

  • Low operating cost - no moving parts
  • Provides hydraulically-sized feeds to concentrating tables
  • Dual stages of classification
  • Simultaneously produces different spigot products
  • Continuous discharge of classified products
  • Overflows at 105 microns
  • Produces accurate classification of materials 1/4" to slime
The Deister CPC can size sand or finely crushed ore to meet market specifications, but the most common use of our CPC is to classify feed for a battery of concentrating tables. This will optimize recovery and grade.

The Deister CPC is ideal for constant, uniform feed to concentrating tables allowing for the most efficient use each table. Also, any parts affected by abrasion can be quickly and inexpensively replaced.
Sieve Bend
  • Reverse-turning floor mount or suspended units available
  • A wide variety of sizes and screen panels available
  • 30", 40", 61 3/8", and 80" radiuses available
  • 45 and 60 degree arcs available
  • Widths range from 2' to 10'
  • Improves efficiency of vibrating screens immediately downstream
  • Standard and Sluice Type Feed Boxes available
  • Feed Boxes can be lined with 0.5 inch to 1.0 inch thick ceramic tile
  • Effluent Box feed & discharge lips can be lined with ceramic tile
The Deister Sieve Bend classifies or dewaters feed to vibrating screens and improves the screen's efficiency. It also allows for pre-drainage ahead of the drain-and-rinse screen in a heavy media cyclone circuit.

The reversible turning ability of the Deister Sieve Bend promotes longer screen life. This in turn means lower overall cost savings for the customer.
The Deister designed feed boxes allow for full-width feeding which maximizes capacity and efficiency.
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Self-Propelled Feed Distributor

Models: 309-SP, 308-SP, 1008-SP

  • Maximum feed capacity to 9,800 GPM
  • Revolving tank lined with rubber or abrasion resistant steel
  • Drive train includes heavy-duty thrust & radial bearing design
  • Splitting tank lined with rubber, ceramic or A.R. steel
  • Splash covers available
  • Adjustable elbows for revolving tank rpm
  • Custom models available
The Deister Self-Propelled Feed Distributors are designed to accurately divide a stream of pulp into a predetermined number of parts that are quantitatively and qualitative equal.

These distributors are ideal for feeding a battery of Deister mineral concentrating tables or other processing devices.

Inexpensive means to accurately split a slurry stream quantitatively and qualitatively.
Leahy Model DC Vibrating Screen
leahy (1).jpg
  • Width from 3' to 5'
  • Length from 6' to 8'
  • Screens wet or dry material
  • Differential vibration
  • Designed to ensure minimum maintenance
  • Can be equipped with FlexElex Jacket heating
  • No blinding
  • Only screen panels vibrate
  • Easily replaced screen panels
  • Designed for quiet operation.
​The Leahy Model DC Vibrating Screen is the standard for screening damp and sticky clay and shale for brick and tile plants in the U.S. and Canada. The high frequency vibration and resistance heated screen-cloth prevent both wedging and moisture blinding.

The new vibrating mechanism which floats on rubber mounts is totally enclosed and fan cooled. The only parts subject to replacement are the anti-friction bearings.

The design of the Leahy screen makes it the best design for heating the screen electrically to prevent blinding.
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